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Where is the Agile Wallboard gadget in Jira Cloud?

The Agile Wallboard gadget from Atlassian is no longer supported and is not available in Jira Cloud. The Accelerate for Jira gadgets from this site are a drop in replacement that have been created to be able to continue to use an Agile Wallboard gadget.

You can install the Agile Wallboard gadget from Accelerate for Jira via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Why does Accelerate for Jira require permissions for API requests to

The Accelerate for Jira gadgets try to bring team experiences in Jira to the next level, by offering a realtime connection between team members to ensure everyone is seeing the same state of the dashboards in realtime.

The API connection to is used to faciliate this realtime connection, since Jira does not offer any realtime APIs.

Your data is end to end encrypted and can not be read by the API service. You can read more details in the Security documentation.